General Presence Sensing

MARLEX Engineering specializes in the design and deployment of systems capable of detecting objects or persons inside a defined area. We employ a variety of different sensing technologies ranging from non-contact approaches such as ultrasonics, vision (cameras), radar, laser and RFID transponder, to force sensors that provide information about an object through contact. All these sensing techniques can either be used separately or integrated together to provide more information about a potential obstacle.

Detection can be used to issue a warning, as in the case of a system that detects obstacles or people in the path of a reversing vehicle. Sensor data can also be collected and used by a central processor in an application such as autonomous vehicle navigation. Alternatively, detection can be used to either enable or disable (lock-out) equipment when a person or object is present.

Parking & Reverse Assist

MARLEX has developed many custom parking-assist and reverse-assist solutions utilizing a variety of single and multi-sensor configurations and beam shapes. Our robust designs have seen widespread use through their installation in applications such as:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Moving vans
  • Refueling vehicles
  • Heavy-duty construction equipment
  • Transport trucks
  • Military vehicles

Our patented sensing and signal processing technology allows our park-assist solutions to operate in extreme environments where they are routinely exposed to ice, snow, and dirt.

The C-Back™ system is an example of an ultrasonics-based intelligent back-up sensor that was developed by MARLEX Engineering.

MARLEX has been able to utilize long-range narrow-beam ultrasonic sensing technology to provide an effective means for a freight transport vehicle to judge the location of loading docks and ramps during reversing operations. An LED light bar mounted to the side of the vehicle provides the operator with visual feedback about the bumper distance from the loading dock. The use of this technology has been proven to reduce the occurrence of damage to both the vehicle and the loading dock.

Reverse- Assist detecting cart in parking lot C Back™ detection of poleC Back™ Detection Zones Model of obstacle detection patternTransport truck backing up to a loading dock

Presence Sensing Technologies

The ultrasonic obstacle detection technology developed by MARLEX has proven itself in the harshest of automotive environments. This same technology has been adapted to other applications to provide the capability of automatically enabling or disabling (lock-out) equipment when the presence of an object or person is detected.

MARLEX Engineering Inc. has developed several versions of single and dual-sensor Presence-Sensing Steps. These steps are used as a safety feature on side-loading garbage trucks to disable the packer mechanism’s forward motion if a person is detected on the step.

We are continuously customizing our presence sensing technology for use in new and unique applications.

Presence-sensing step detection of foot

Presence Sensing Step installed on side-loading garbage truck

Presence Sensing Step illustrating detection zone coverage

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