RFID Protection for Infrastructure & Vehicles

RFID_Infrastructure_Protection_PipesIn addition to detecting when people are too close to a heavy vehicle, RFID obstacle detection technology is capable of alerting the operator of the vehicle when they are approaching specially marked inanimate objects.  This reduces the chances of an expensive collision between the vehicle and object that could potentially damage both and also result in personal injury.

RFID_Infrastructure_ProtectionThe technology is suitable for marking the position of static infrastructure such as pipes, vents, transformers, open pits etc.  Although these objects do not move around on a work site, they may not be easily visible to the operator inside of a large vehicle, or they may become obscured over time by vegetation.  Serious injury could result if a vehicle were to strike or run over an object such as a pipe or vessel containing pressurized or flammable material.  By marking the location of these objects, the RFID obstacle detection system on the operator’s vehicle can warn the operator if their vehicle comes too close to the object.

RFID_Protection_DomeThis application of RFID technology is also suitable for marking the location of mobile equipment such as vehicles or generators.  Just like people, moveable equipment can easily change position on a worksite and may go unnoticed by the operator of a larger, heavier vehicle as they are concentrating on the task at hand.  The RFID obstacle detection system on the larger vehicle can detect the marked object and issue a warning to the operator if they are getting too close.


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