Custom Design Services

No two projects are the same. We specialize in creating solutions where there are currently none. Below are some examples of solutions we have provided.

Automated Magnetic Field Intensity Mapping System

An example of a custom solution to meet the needs of a client is the Automated Magnetic Field Intensity Mapping System. This system was designed to measure and record the magnetic flux density in a plane above a large circular magnet. The resulting profile of the magnetic field above the surface of the magnet can then be used for quality control and verification purposes.

The system rotates a platter on which the magnet under test has been placed while at the same time a measurement probe records the flux density at points above the magnet. Details of the testing procedure can be adjusted through user-configurable parameters.

The principal components that make up the system are:

  • HMI through which settings can be configured, and progress and results displayed.Controller panel wiring
  • Probe to measure flux density at a point.
  • Linear Actuator to position the measurement probe
  • Motor driven platter to rotate the magnet under the measurement probe during the measurement process.
  • Computer with MS Windows® OS to run the software and collect measured data.

Industrial Embedded Controller

An industrial embedded controller is sometimes the best choice for running the software that controls the operationBeckhoff CX2020 Industrial Controller (PLC of a system. Our designs have been based on a variety of different embedded industrial controller platforms, among them Moxa embedded computers, Kontron embedded FLEX-ATX motherboards running a Windows® Embedded OS, and Beckhoff and Allen-Bradley PLCs.

Examples of custom systems that we have designed and implemented for our clients based on embedded industrial controllers include:

  • Systems for controlling and tracking worker access to hazardous areas (read more).
  • A Positioning System Retrofit for an Overhead Track-Mounted Crane.
  • A SCADA for a wind farm sourced flywheel energy storage system.
  • Building Automation Systems to manage HVAC and liquid cooling requirements.
  • An Automated Specimen Processor (read more)


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