RFID Scanlink

RFID Solutions

MARLEX is accomplished in creating solutions based on RFID technologies.  In particular we deploy RFID technologies in applications that detect people or objects with the goal of improving safety in worksites where hazards are present.  Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to implement safety solutions is an area in which MARLEX Engineering has invested in extensive research and development.  When a person or object is fitted with RFID transponders it is possible to detect and even track the whereabouts of that person.

We have designed RFID systems to detect, and warn when someone gets too close to hazardous equipment such as conveyor systems or large, mobile cranes.  Our other systems control access into restricted “danger” areas and track the presence of personnel in those areas.  This makes it possible to avoid performing hazardous operations when people are at risk.

We have also designed RFID systems to help protect vehicles and static infrastructure from damage by heavy equipment.

Over the years we have assembled a set of core components and tools for our own RFID detection and tracking solutions.  This suite of RFID components is now available to outside developers who are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to implement their own custom RFID detection and tracking system without having to start from scratch.