RFID Gate Access Control

The Gate Access Control system is used to control the passage of personnel into and out of a restricted area through a locked gate.

GateAccessControlRFID technology is used to sense the safety apparel worn by a person wanting to pass through the gate. The gate can be unlocked if the Gate Access Control system identifies the person as having the correct authorization. It is possible to keep track of who is inside the restricted area at any given time by controlling and monitoring personnel entering into and exiting from the restricted area.

The Gate Access Control system is fully scalable and can be configured to meet the size and complexity of the customer’s needs. It can be used in an application that requires controlled passage of personnel into a single restricted area with only one access gate. It can also be used in a more complex application involving multiple independent restricted areas, each having multiple access gates.

The RFID Safe-Zone Sentinel can also be combined with Gate Access Control, making it possible to account for the location of the personnel within the bounds of a restricted area.

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