RFID Safety Solutions


MARLEX Engineering Inc. creates solutions based on RFID technologies. We have designed RFID systems to detect, and warn when someone gets too close to hazardous equipment, to control access into restricted “danger” areas and to protect vehicles and static infrastructure from collision damage. Our suite of RFID components is now available to outside developers as a fast and cost-effective way to implement custom RFID detection and tracking systems without having to start from scratch.

Industrial Solutions and Tele-Operation


Our Research and Development services are available to support a wide range of industrial products and applications. We have proven expertise in providing solutions for tele-operation of heavy mobile equipment, plant automation and high-definition industrial vision systems. In addition we specialize in electronic circuit and Printed Circuit Board design, as well as software and firmware development for a variety of target platforms.

Medical and Biomedical


Our business efforts are focused in the area of new medical and biomedical device development where we form strategic partnerships with companies, research hospitals and universities seeking the unique services of a company with a proven track record in developing and commercializing novel applications in these fields.