About Us

MARLEX Engineering Inc. is a highly driven and dedicated team specializing in the research, design and development of new electronic technologies. MARLEX develops products both in-house and on a contract for service basis and has gained a wide range of product commercialization experience over its 20 year history.

Company Overview

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, MARLEX Engineering is ideally situated for local access to both an emerging IoT cluster and to one of the most innovative  universities in Canada.

The region is also home to many nearby companies that provide specialized services and support to the technology sector.  With a reputation for honest, timely and excellent work, MARLEX Engineering continues to attract a growing client base in both the United States and Canada.  The needs of each client present a variety of interesting and unique technical challenges.  This ensures that MARLEX Engineering retains a team of highly skilled personnel with advanced degrees in a broad range of disciplines.

Our Approach

Whether you have an idea you would like to float, or a concept that doesn’t quite work in application, give us a call. We draw on our extensive technical experience and wide network of strategic partners and industry connections, to think with you through every stage, source the answers and bring an idea to reality.

The only thing standard about our approach is our rigid adherence to quality and our tenacity through the duration of the contract.

We can point you in the right direction, round out your team, or take on the project for you. You decide.

Our People

MARLEX is a team of thinkers, whose Masters and PhD degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering are complemented by their varied experience in many fields and a commitment to lifelong learning.

We hone our skill sets at courses, keep our finger on the pulse of technology at tradeshows and always think outside the box.

We maintain strong ties to universities through collaborative research projects .

Our designers have taught engineering and technology courses at McMaster University and Mohawk College.

We hire co-op/summer students to provide hands-on experience to the new generation of professionals.