Marlex Medical and Biomedical

Medical & Biomedical Design

Our business efforts are focused in the area of new medical and biomedical device development where we form strategic partnerships with companies, research hospitals and universities seeking the unique services of a company with a proven track record in developing and commercializing novel applications in these fields.

Medical Robotics

MARLEX continues to develop innovative technologies in the field of medical robotics. Our rapid proof-of-concept design and prototyping services have allowed our clients to quickly demonstrate core competencies and strategic design concepts to their investors. In return, investors have rewarded our clients with the increased levels of funding and higher market capitalization required to transform their vision into clinical grade prototypes.

Medical RoboticsSurgical Theater

Automated Microbiology Specimen Processor

The Engineering Research and Development services at MARLEX have been instrumental in the development of the “World’s most Innovative Specimen Processor”. Our design innovations have been proven in the field to yield high performance, high quality and versatile solutions for our customers. With a broad range of electro-mechanical, embedded real-time software, and microbiology specimen processing experience, MARLEX has been able to rapidly accelerate the development process of our client’s new product.

Automated Microbiology Specimen ProcessorSpecimen storage trays loaded into Automated Microbiology Specimen ProcessorLoading plates into Automated Microbiology Specimen Processor

Core Technologies

  • Computer Vision and Image Processing to control positioning of plates, process verification and barcode reading
  • Touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Modular system of networked components communicating via IEEE 1392 and CAN bus
  • Embedded central controller to direct processing of samples by commanding and monitoring the machine actuators, cameras and sensors
  • High-speed motor control and monitoring
  • Versatile custom control boards for interface to motor controllers, sensors and other subsystems
  • Hospital Information System (HIS) and Laboratory Interface System (LIS) interface

Automated Reader For High-throughput Infectious Disease Diagnostics

MARLEX has developed fully functional prototypes for use in Automated Quantum Dot detection applications. Our expertise in high speed fluorescent imaging, real-time embedded control, micro-positioning, laser illumination and low level photonic emission detection has allowed us to rapidly transform a large lab-based experimental proof of concept setup into a working prototype bench top reader.

This reader technology can be scaled to a portable handheld device and is well suited for real-time detection and processing of Quantum Dot Barcodes in Multiplexed High-Throughput Infectious Disease Diagnostics.

Automated Reader for High-Throughput Infectious Disease DiagnosticsMicro-channel for fluid transport of Quantum Dot barcodesLaser illumination of Quantum Dot barcodes travelling though micro-fluidic channel

Core Technologies

  • Custom ultra-high sensitivity, low noise photonic emission detection circuitry
  • Precise 3-axis control of mechanical stage for micro-positioning the sample during processing
  • Sub-micron digital imaging and image processing
  • Algorithms for automatic focus and alignment of the microchannel
  • Data acquisition and display
  • Laser illumination and control
  • Optics (microscope lenses, narrow-band filters)
  • Integration with off the shelf modules and precision sensors
  • Embedded controller
  • Custom embedded control software
  • Interface to custom PC-based test and calibration software application

Automated Fluorescent Microscopy Based Analyser For Pathogen Detection

MARLEX has developed and successfully implemented fluorescent based microscopy imaging solutions. We have integrated laser illumination, narrow band filtering, and precision position control with our imaging system technology to capture exceptionally clear images at resolutions of 0.6 microns per pixel. We have developed custom software for the processing of images obtained from our imaging system designs and we have further integrated the software into a stand-alone DSP based product. Our design efforts have resulted in development of the BACscan™ reader.

Automated Fluorescent Microscopy Based Analyser For Pathogen DetectionBiochipBiochip componentsBiochip Array

Core Technologies

  • Fluorescent based microscopy
  • Laser illumination
  • Optics (microscope lenses, narrow-band filters)
  • Precise 3-axis control of mechanical stage for positioning the BIOchip that contains the sample
  • Digital imaging and image processing
  • Algorithms for auto focus and analysis of sampled data
  • Touch-screen graphical user interface
  • Embedded controller
  • Custom embedded software for sample processing, data collection and data analysis