IoT Gateway, Data Collection, & AI

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things is revolutionizing the way we interpret and access data. MARLEX Engineering Inc. develops solutions for sensing, capturing, processing and transferring data to the Cloud. We provide both Edge-based AI and Cloud-based Analytics to transform data into usable information for our client’s Cloud-based services. We offer both Wi-Fi and low-cost cellular solutions for Global Cloud connectivity.

Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway

MARLEX Engineering Inc. provides a cost-effective and compact embedded gateway solution to securely capture, process and transfer sensor data to the Cloud. Our ruggedized and waterproof Data Gateway & Control Unit can communicate with sensors and other devices using RS-485, CAN bus, RS-232 or wireless IEEE802.15.4 interface. Sensor and device data are pre-processed for edge-based AI inferencing, packaged with on-board GPS data, encrypted and transferred to the Cloud via Wi-Fi module or cellular modem to provide an extremely low cost yet globally deployable IoT solution. Our customizable Digital I/O and Control Module add-on’s allow for the use of the IoT gateway as a remote and secure monitoring and control device. Applications include mobile and stationary equipment telematics, presence sensing sentinel, environmental/worksite sensing, solar-powered smart pole, and remote LED lighting solutions. (read more)

Sensory Edge

We design and implement embedded sensing solutions for our customer’s applications. Our sensing solutions have been used for vision, shock, sound, temperature, moisture, light, RFID and presence sensing applications. We integrate both custom and off-the-shelf solutions to provide the most cost-effective means for data collection.

Edge Computer

Pre-processing of sensor data reduces Cloud computation, latency, and cost.  MARLEX Engineering Inc. provides edge computation solutions for video presence sensing, range, depth and tracking applications. When interfaced with our Data Gateway & Control Unit, we can provide Cloud-connected sensing node solutions that have the ability to perceive and interact with their surroundings.


Our focus is on wireless connectivity using a low-cost cellular interface to provide reliable, seamless and auto-configurable access to the Cloud. We provide a Wi-Fi-based version of our IoT gateway in areas where cellular service is intermittent or absent.

Cloud Analytics

MARLEX Engineering Inc. focuses on bringing our customer data to the Cloud. We perform Cloud-based Analytics to transform data into usable information for our client’s Cloud-based Services. Our Client Services include solutions made using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and IBM Watson.