RFID Scanlink

Components & Tools for Development of RFID Detection & Tracking Systems

The applications for RFID technology are both numerous and varied and to achieve the best results a customized solution is required. To provide the greatest flexibility we now supply to developers a suite of component building blocks and tools from which the ideal Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) detection and tracking system can be created.

Using these RFID components as the basis for a custom RFID detection and tracking solution provides developers with a cost-effective and efficient way to implement a functioning system. Developers can focus on details specific to their application without the need to be concerned with the complexities of reading RFID tags.

Who are these tools and components for?

  • Companies and organizations who wish to assemble an RFID Personnel Detection System as a solution to their own specific safety requirements.
  • Engineering firms interested in developing custom RFID Personnel Detection systems to serve the needs of their clients.
  • Companies looking to design OEM solutions for detection and identification of persons and objects using RFID.
  • Educators (Universities, Colleges and other learning institutions) who can use components of the system as educational tools or to build experimental systems.
  • Research and Development firms who can benefit from using the tools to accelerate the development of new applications for RFID detection of personnel or objects.
  • Individuals.

Components and Services:

  • RFID Sensor Units with wired and wireless communications Interface and a fully documented communications protocol
  • RFID Equipped Safety Vests
  • RFID Equipped Hard Hat Kits
  • Radio Frequency Identification Tags
  • Configuration Software
  • USB Wireless Configuration Dongles
  • Tag Health Tester
  • Miscellaneous Cables
  • Warning signs, labels and stickers
  • Documentation and technical specifications
  • Sample code
  • Design Services
  • Technical Support

These components and services are available from SCAN~LINK Technologies Inc.  For more information please use the contact information provide here.

Orange RFID Safety VestYellow RFID Safety VestYellow RFID Equipped Hard HatRadio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagSCAN~LINK RFID Sensor Unit