RFID Safe-Zone Monitoring

The Safe-Zone Sentinel is used to determine when everyone in a group of people is accounted for within a small zone or region located close to the Sentinel. In a typical application, the Safe-Zone Sentinel is used to verify that a group of employees is accounted for in a “safe” location before operating hazardous equipment.

The Safe-Zone-Sentinel uses RFID technology to detect and track the RFID-enabled safety apparel worn by people located nearby. Each item of RFID-enabled safety apparel has a unique identifier which is normally assigned to a specific person. This enables the Sentinel to look for one or more individuals. The distance over which the Sentinel can detect safety apparel determines the size and extent of the safe-zone. If the Sentinel is detecting a person’s safety apparel that person must be physically close to the Sentinel and therefore inside the safe-zone.

Illustration of how the Safe-Zone Sentinel is usedA portable version of the Safe-Zone Sentinel is available so that the safe zone can be repositioned if necessary. Alternatively, the Sentinel can be fixed at one permanent location. The Sentinel is controlled and configured through a wireless communications link. It is through this link that a central controller provides the Sentinel with the list of personnel to search for as Safe-Zone Sentinelwell as determining if the Sentinel has accounted for all the people on the list.

The Safe-Zone Sentinel can also be used in conjunction with Gate Access Control to provide Safe-Zone monitoring inside a restricted area.

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